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Better Chemistry Through Story

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Better Chemistry Through Story

Jim Signorelli had learned a great deal about persuasive communications during his 30 years as an advertising executive – at some of the largest agencies in the world. Specifically, he had become quite adept applying the principles of storytelling to mass communications.  “But what about communication between people?”, he wondered.  “Couldn’t many of the same storytelling  principles  help business leaders, salespeople, and other change agents become more persuasive?”

And so, Story-Lab was born.

Now part of a worldwide network covering 22 countries, Story-Lab was founded on the premise that “good chemistry” is at the heart of all influential relationships – relationships founded on trust, respect, and shared beliefs. When skillfully used, storytelling and story listening are two of the most powerful ways to influence, inspire and motivate others.

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What To Expect From Our
Storytelling Workshops and
Coaching Programs.

In any business environment, effective storytelling is used to drive home a point.  This is not to say that stories used in a business setting can’t be entertaining.  But their main purpose should be to give meaning and memory to information that needs a boost.  This is the guiding principle behind all of our business storytelling courses.

These are the results you can count on.


Package and deliver information in ways that will profoundly influence your audience


Make data come to life by giving  dry, boring facts personal relevance


Better connect with people through the shared beliefs and values that stories always imply


Command attention and gain authority without relying on title


Quickly build rapport and  trust in even the most challenging situations


Debate issues and meet objections without alienating others



Our classic storytelling program is designed for business leaders and change agents of all levels. Your team will gain hands-on experience practicing proven storytelling methods now being used the world over. In a very short time, you will see a transformation take place as team members become more persuasive, inspiring and able to motivate even the most difficult employees. This program is also designed to foster strategic alignment and build group cohesion.

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This storytelling course is specifically designed for sales teams and their managers. This course will help your sales teams gain measurable results as they employ specific storytelling methods at every stage of the selling process. More than a sales seminar, this is a hands-on workshop where emphasis is given to skill development through role play and other group exercises. Included is a special train-the-trainer module for sales managers.

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Storytelling is all the rage in marketing.  But in order to tell a story, you must have one that your management, employees, and customers can support. This course is taught by the internationally award-winning author and creator of the original StoryBranding Process™.  It employs a systematic approach to align team members around a single-minded brand story that will attract your “most likely prospects” and provide employees with a motivating purpose.

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If you are looking for individualized mentoring on how to become a more persuasive, inspiring and motivating communicator, this 6-week program is designed for you.  Together with your highly accredited coach, you will find a supportive environment where you can try proven storytelling methods tailored to your specific situation. Right from the beginning,  you will start to see results as people become more engaged with your presentations and more supportive of your clearly stated ideas.

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"Left our group with great takeaways Presentation was interesting and visually appealing. We would hire Story-Lab again."

Caitlin Pusateri
Chamber of Commerce

"... teaching style, knowledge of global branding techniques and ability to simplify brand strategy for mass consumption were the key."

Mario Maesano
Maryland Live Casino

"Here's what people said afterwards: "Fantastic” “Great engaging presentation. I learned something while being entertained. "TOP NOTCH."

KJ McAlister

"For a sales organization like ours, the tools that were shared will become invaluable."

Chris Haran
Coldwell Banker

"The AMA would highly recommend Story-Lab to any organization or group who is looking for a truly motivated speaker/moderator."

John Verre
American Marketing Assoc

"...he drew on humorous anecdotes to illustrate the principles of storytelling. Highly informative and entertaining."

Jessica Hamm
InBusiness Magazine

"Speaker mixed emotion and humor which endeared himself to the audience. Outstanding speaker. People lined up to buy his book."

Mark Imperial
Media Masters

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