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Thursday, Oct. 5 at Northwestern University

Used by companies like Microsoft, IBM, Boeing, Coca Cola and many others, the methods and practices taught during our Storytelling For Leaders Program will supercharge your leadership skills.

It doesn't matter if you're in charge of 2 or 2 million people. Managers and CEO's alike have participated in this, the original Storytelling For Leaders (SFL) program. SFL originated in Melbourne, Australia and is now being used by leaders from large and small companies worldwide.

On Thursday, October 5, the entire SFL program will be made available to business owners, management personnel, and change agents at Northwestern University's Norris Center in Evanston, Illinois.

If you are looking for a way to become a more engaging, influential and motivating leader - the kind of leader others want to follow - the kind of leader that rises to the top of progressive companies- SFL was uniquely created to accelerate your progress.


Storytelling for Leaders and Salespeople

Learn the nuts and bolts of what makes StoryBranding so powerful. Why is storytelling so valuable for organizations? What is a story? “Storytelling for Leaders and Salespeople” will answer those questions for you and provide you with an opportunity to see how storytelling works. Plus, develop six storytelling techniques you can use in your next presentation.

The book that started a movement

Since the beginning of language, stories have helped us understand human nature. By helping us identify with characters during their quests to achieve certain goals, stories teach us important lessons about who we are and what lies within our own potential.

The StoryBranding Process draws on the principles of storytelling to guide brand planning and development. One of these principles explains how audiences are influenced by characters, not so much for what the character does, but why the character does it.

We work with clients to identify, define (or refine) reasons for their brand’s existence, beyond their profit motive. What results are brands that have a unique purpose that resonates with loyal followers – not just a unique function that other brands will eventually displace.

The StoryBranding Process also brings employees together around a unifying intent- one that energizes their unique culture.  For StoryBrands are not just the product of strong marketing.  They are the product of strong organizations.



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