Storytelling for leaders

When it comes to achieving results, there is a difference between leading and providing leadership. Leading is directive. It merely points followers to the finish line. Leadership doesn’t just point. It ignites the motivation needed for movement.

Storytelling For Leaders is a program that turns leaders into motivators.  It is a program being used by companies, both big and small, in 22 countries around the world.  Its popularity is due in part to the fact that unlike other leadership training programs, participants learn by doing.  In either our half-day or full-day workshops, participants gain hands-on practice using proven storytelling patterns that influence, inspire and galvanize even the most difficult audiences.

Who should attend

If you are challenged with the need to create, change or reinforce beliefs and behaviors within your organization, this program is designed especially for you.  It is attended by beginning and senior managers, alike.  The proven methods and practice programs we provide are exclusive to this program.

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What to expect

Your organization will evolve into one that has purpose, drive, and can collaborate effectively. Beyond that, you will:

Learn to express yourself clearly and confidently

Develop techniques to create engaging and persuasive presentations

Understand how to gain more cooperation and loyalty from colleagues

Become better at listening, understanding and reacting to different ideas

Additional opportunities

Deliberate practice program

This program is designed to help participants build on their skills once the workshops are completed. Exercises are emailed weekly for six months.

Video role-play module

This optional program provides the opportunity for one of our story professionals to provide feedback to videotaped sales presentations. Ask for details.


Learn more about him and his Story-Lab workshops