Storytelling for sales

“Facts tell. Stories sell.” That phrase gets thrown around a lot within sales organizations. It’s one thing to understand that stories sell. Knowing how to make them sell, though, is entirely different.

There is a lot of misunderstanding when it comes to using stories in a sales situation. Storytelling for Sales is an intensive one- or two-day training program that provides sales professionals with the answers to why, when, and how to use storytelling effectively.

Storytelling for Sales helps sales teams become more engaging, inspiring and persuasive communicators using storytelling methods and strategies.

This program is built entirely around specific sales problems your organization faces. By the time the program is complete, you and your sales team will be proficient at engaging new prospects and winning their confidence.

Who should attend

This workshop is beneficial for anyone who influences, engages or engages others. Past participants include senior leaders, project managers, salespeople, consultants, and trainers.

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What to expect

Your organization will evolve into one that has purpose, drive, and can collaborate effectively. Beyond that, you will:

Learn to express yourself clearly and confidently

Develop techniques to create engaging and persuasive presentations

Understand how to gain more cooperation and loyalty from colleagues

Become better at listening, understanding and reacting to different ideas

Additional opportunities

Deliberate practice program

This program is designed to help participants build on their skills once the workshops are completed. Exercises are emailed weekly for six months.

Video role-play module

This optional program provides the opportunity for one of our story professionals to provide feedback to videotaped sales presentations. Ask for details.

Train-the-trainer pre-workshop

This pre-workshop is for sales managers to preview materials and discuss specific challenges that need to be addressed during the full workshop.


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